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Where all about peolpe turning into those cute animal pocket monsters called Pokemon.
Founded 7 Years ago
Jan 2, 2011


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583 Members
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If You Became A Pokemon What Would You Do First?!

alola vulpixtf by spray poka dacyeou

Hi everyone :iconmikotowolfskin: Mikoto here your Founder at  :iconturn-into-a-pokemon: Turn Into A Pokemon and I've got a few question for you! So I kind of thought it was time to spark a conversion after all we don't need to look like a dead group! Plain and simple like the old theme song kind of!

hecate into glaceon by tetokasane 04 d9ric86

What kind of Pokémon are you?

How do you do the things you do?

Share with me your secrets deep inside.

What kind of Pokémon are you?

Are you loyal through and through?

And do you have a heart that's true?

What kind of Pokémon are you?

sylveon tf by duskyumbreon dag58iq

Alright so this seems to happen a lot on the profile page and I figured I give it a place to go! If you became a Pokemon via transformation after the mental shock tell me what is the first thing you'd do. In short what kind of Pokemon will you be? Pleases keep it PG-13 thank you. Please no discrimination here. Lets all have fun with this subject dears. Also pleases tell me a bit about yourself. Example what is your hobby's, trade, enjoyments, favorite foods esc....

vulpixtf by spray poka d755zz5

Lets say for this subject that the transformation will be painless and that the change will happen in ether the real world or the Pokemon world your choice! Last but not lest lets set a few rules tell me what Pokemon you wish to be turned into and no use of magical blocking shields, or words like ops it missed. Believe me I'm the Pokemon transformation master here I don't miss and you can't block my powers ^ ^ so get ready because you'll make an adorable pet!

eevee tf by ravieel dar69s6

New Questions Added on December 8th 2016!

If there was a new evil team out there turning people into Pokemon with a raygun who called themselves "Team TF" who where led by me :iconmikotowolfskin: would you be happy you where turned into a Pokemon? Or Unhappy? What would you do? Also if you joined this team as a human who would you turn into what kind of Pokemon?! If you where only able to be turned into a Pokemon that was small and cute, not a legendary or an evolution what Pokemon wold you be then? I'd pick a Vulpix or a Fennkin or an Eevee myself tehe!

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Group Rules


01. Humans to Pokemon subjects in Anime style only.
02. No photography or Captions with Photography.
03. No Kisekae Made Pieces, no 3D Models, 3D Animations, 3D Renders, 3D CG.
04. No advertising, soliciting, or begging for financial aid.
05. No policing the group. (Ex: Fussing about an art thief)
06. No asking for requests on the groups front page our blogs/journals.
07. Do not inquire as to why your group submission did not get in.
08. No Furries/Anthro, Regardless of if there turning into Pokemon, Anime or otherwise and no Monsters or Creatures ether.
09. No pointing out spelling grammar errors on the groups front page and blogs/Journals, note the founder in private.
10. No posting of Journals that contain drama within the group.
11. Treat your fellow members with respect, and be mannorful to them.
12. Writing and drawing most contain Human subjects Turning into a Pokemon.
13. Never break the realm of fantasy and imagination found here in the group. While getting turned into a Pokemon is not possible, and Pokemon are not real all members are to stay within the Fantasy realm of rule playing, thus pretending it is real when wittering a comment in this group.
14. We don't accept RPs within the group. Our goal is to collect artwork, written and drawn related to people turning into a Pokemon only. Role Plays request should be done outside the group.


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Pokémon :heart: :love: 
TheMiningBoyAlpha Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2017  Professional Artist… <- nostalgia purposes only.
MikotoWolfskin Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OMG is that the group like a day old?! Yeah sometimes looking back on the "Way Back Machine" can be a lot of fun :) 1 member and no avatar at the time XD lol.
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Like my old avatar being a robloxian.
FrostbiteRyan Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
The funny thing is, I have a medical condition that makes me impossible to TF. Even if I wanted to, I couldnt. So I'll just take a look at all of these adorable pets
TheMiningBoyAlpha Featured By Owner Edited Sep 11, 2017  Professional Artist
you do?!?
thats sad. :(
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I hope you guys let my drawing in this club.
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When it comes to drawing, I'm a disaster...
Seanlecca Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2017
I am not good at drawing anime at all but this group looks cool. If i could become a pokemon i couldn't decide on one.
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